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  • 034productionsは、東京ベースのバイリンガル・クリエイティブスタジオです。





    商号 株式会社034productions(サーティーフォープロダクションズ)
    代表取締役社長 生島翔
    オフィス所在地 〒153-0061
    東京都目黒区中目黒1-1-17 マンション恵比須苑906
    スタジオ所在地 〒150-0001
    創立 2019年7月
    資本金 9,000,000円
    主な事業内容 ・映像作品の制作業務(映画、TV、ミュージックビデオ、PV、ドキュメンタリーなど)
    クライアント NHK
    Sony Music
    Bray's Run Productions (USA)
    ABS-CBN (Philippines)
    High Road Creatives (Philippines)

  • 034productions is a Tokyo-based creative studio founded by Sho Ikushima in 2019.

    034 represents the shapes of ◯△□. We believe in a collaborative creation process among the artists, clients, and audience. We all take different shapes for each projects; if one is ◯, the others will be △ and □. Creation does not occur just within ourselves but with the people and society around us.

    From the years of experience working as a dancer and actor internationally, we have developed a worldwide network of highly skilled professionals such as artists, musicians, filmmakers, architects, designers, scholars to provide unique contents.

    With collaboration with these talents, we are capable of producing films, TV shows, or documentary series, dance choreography, commercials, and events.

    034productions will provide you a personal and high-quality creative process and products.


    Company Name 034productions
    President and CEO Sho Ikushima
    Office Location 1-1-17 Mansion Ebisu-En apt.#906,
    Nakameguro Meguro-ku, Tokyo Japan
    ZIP: 153-0061
    Studio Location studio ova
    2-31-8 FK building B1F,
    Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan
    ZIP: 150-0001
    Founded in July, 2019
    Business Area ・Producing film, TV drama, documentary, mini-series, and other video contents
    ・Choreography on CM, film, TV shows, music videos, and events
    ・Producing stage and events like theater production, dance show, and art festival
    ・Producing and planning advertisement, CM, and promotional videos
    ・Casting, promotion, management, and training artists
    ・Interpretation, translation, and attending international projects
    Client NHK
    Toho Co.,Ltd
    Sony Music
    Meitetsu Dentsu
    Bray's Run Productions (USA)
    ABS-CBN (Philippines)