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  • 『On Life : 梅雨』@渋谷 LE DECO



    6/23 18:30~19:00 生島翔 x 米澤一平(タップ)
    6/24 18:30~19:00 生島翔 x 大塚惇平(笙)
    6/25 18:30~19:00 生島翔 x 伊原佳奈子(ダンサー)
    6/26 13:00~13:30 生島翔 x 陸(movement artist) x多鹿大介(打楽器奏者)

    入場無料 パフォーマンス時のみ1,000円

  • 【PRODUCE / CHOREOGRAPHY】 “On Life : 梅雨” @渋谷 LE DECO

    Exhibition @ LE DECO Shibuya from 6/23-26

    It is an installation work created by plants and trees which are healthy but pruned because it damages the scenery or is a potential safety hazard.

    We have short dance performances, so please come and check it out!

    6/23 18:30~19:00 Sho Ikushima x Ippei Yonezawa (tap)
    6/24 18:30~19:00 Sho Ikushima x Junpei Otsuka(Shou)
    6/25 18:30~19:00 Sho Ikushima x Kanako Ihara (dancer)
    6/26 13:00~13:30 Sho Ikushima x Riku (movement artist) xDaisuke Tashika (drummer, percussionist)

    entrance fee only when performance: 1,000 yen